Welcome on my homepage!, I am Rob van der Goot, and am currently working as an assistant professor at the IT University of Copenhagen

Research interests

My main research interest is robustness in natural language processing. This includes the processing of non-standard language varieties, low-resource languages and any setting were only little training data is available. My expertise is mostly on syntactic tasks.


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  • 10-05-2024: Research visitor Anika Harju started
  • 08-04-2024: Research visitor Irene Siragusa started
  • 01-02-2024: Research visitor Mehdi Parviz started
  • 24-01-2024: Talk at LMU: ROBustness in NLP over the years
  • 08-11-2023: Talk DeiC konference 2023: MaChAmp: Multi-task Learning to the Rescue in Resource Scarce Scenarios
  • 28-09-2023: Invited talk at Research Seminars in Language Technology, University of Helsinki.
  • 24-10-2022: Best paper award for project I supervised at WNUT 2022: Increasing Robustness for Cross-domain Dialogue Act Classification on Social Media Data.
  • 22-10-2021: Invited talk at MilaNLP
  • 12-10-2021: Outstanding reviewer @ ACL2021
  • 23-04-2021: Received outstanding paper award for MaChAmp @EACL2021
  • 01-02-2021: I will be assistant professor at ITU from 01-09-2021!
  • 10-01-2021: The shared task on Multi-lingual lexical normalization has started
  • 12-01-2021: There is now a code switched version of MoNoise, for normalizing two languages simultaneously.
  • 30-09-2020: Proud to have supervised Anders Giovanni Møller, with a shared first place on the WNUT 2021 shared task on identifying informative COVID-19 tweets! News article.
  • 01-09-2020: Started hosting research intern Anouck Braggaar, who is going to work on low-resource dependency parsing
  • 24-04-2020: Included in The Copula and the Bit
  • 23-04-2020: Interview on Omrop Fryslan about how Frisians abroad survive COVID-19.
  • 05-01-2020: First Danish models, and improved Dutch model available for; thanks to respectively Amanda Jørgensen and Youri Schuur. More information on the Dutch normalization available in Youri's thesis
  • 13-12-2019: Italian models are now available for MoNoise; including better handling of capitalization, if you update, please download the new models.
  • 11-12-2019: Hosting visitor Ahmet Üstün in context of the Cost Action Multi3Generation
  • 02-09-2019: Started as a postdoc at ITU!
  • 23-06-2019: My recent work with Malvina Nissim and Rik van Noord was discussed on Linear Digressions
  • 23-05-2019: Happy to share that I am hired as a Postdoc at the ITU, under supervision of Barbara Plank!
  • 15-04-2019: I ''Won'' the most reviews at NAACL 2019
  • 04-04-2019: PhD Defence
  • 03-04-2019: Workshop ROBustness in Parsing
  • 30-03-2019: Interviewed by De Taalstaat (Radio 1), listen here (Dutch)


Co-supervisor of the following amazing PhD students (reverse chronological order, as suggested by Elisa):

I am also:
  • Lead of NLP-North
  • Member of the HPC committee at ITU
  • Member of the HPC committee at the AI Pioneer Center
  • Member of DeIC Science Forum
  • Member of RDM (Research Data Management) reference group at ITU
  • Denmark representative for UniDive